Magnuson Music Studios

Private Music Instruction

Teaching Philosophies

*Students are best able to learn when
 they are liked, validated and treated
 with kindness.

*By playing the same type of instru-
 ment as the student at lessons, the
 teacher becomes an understanding
 teammate and can effectively teach
 through empathy and good example.

*The difficulty level of the lesson 
 material must be carefully monitored
 to fit each individual so that he or
 she can achieve mastery and then
 retain the skills necessary for the 
 next level.

*Through counting and foot-tapping,
 the science of rhythm becomes
 internalized, and the student has
 control over the most challenging
 aspect of music-reading.

*Clarity and patience are essential.


St. Olaf College   
One of the many highlights during my studies at St. Olaf College was receiving the award of Departmental Distinction in Music, given to me by the music faculty for instrumental performance. I was also happy to achieve significant success in the Department of Education, experiencing an especially profound connection with my Educational Psychology courses. When I graduated in 1982 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Education, I knew that teaching music would be my life's work.
Professional Musician
Public School Band Director
                          (Grades 5-12)
Private Lesson Teacher (38 years)!
Multi-Instrument Recitalist
     (One soloist playing several instruments,
     all in the same recital)

Adult Community Band Conductor
Instrumental Performance Clinician
                   (Public Schools)

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